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Bekasi-IT adalah adalah suatu lembaga yang bergerak dalam bidang IT Consultant dan Entrepreneurship dengan slogan Embrace Customer Satisfaction.

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How To Create TableSpace in Oracle

Posted on: 5/17/2010 02:05:00 AM by Koharudin

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     In this small post article i'll show you how to create tablespace in Oracle. You can  modify file location of tablespace or even modify it's size. Now just connect to Oracle Database via SQLPLUS as a previliged user.
Follow this simple instruction below :
  1. From your PC, click Start | Run
  2. In the Run dialog box, type
       SQLPLUS / sysdba
    and press ENTER
  3. Then follow the last attack. type the following script below :

    create bigfile tablespace [nameOfTablespace]
    datafile '[filenameOfTablespace]' size [sizeOfTableSpace] reuse autoextend on next 512M maxsize unlimited
    segment space management auto;

    for example :

    create bigfile tablespace sem_ts
    datafile 'sem_ts01.dat' size 512M reuse autoextend on next 512M maxsize unlimited    
    segment space management auto 

FYI : when you define sem_ts_01.dat without specifying parent folder, default location of the file is under

How to check oracle_home in my computer? see this tips


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