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Bekasi-IT – Blog Design

Bekasi-IT adalah adalah suatu lembaga yang bergerak dalam bidang IT Consultant dan Entrepreneurship dengan slogan Embrace Customer Satisfaction.

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Error Mozilla Typing From Right To Left

Posted on: 4/09/2009 12:04:00 AM by Koharudin

I've got problem when running Mozilla, Suddently when i typed on My Browser it started from right to left, for example, if i write this , Mozilla will typed siht . So i started to searching on Google for this problem. I got solution, they say that it's caused by Java related bug, they said that the solution is : "You must restart you PC", hemmm... it works.. here, i just give another solution without restarting your PC...Just follow this instruction below :


your firefox

via Task Manager
Do Not Close Firefox directly but via Task Manager.
Open your Task Manager

Choose Process

-> Select firefox.exe daemon
-> Right Click and
End Process / End Process Tree... Run your Firefox.

I hope this is your solution :)

Enjoy !

Feel free to ask if you wonder about anything.

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